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Pistol Grill Front ShotIt's not every day will you find the perfect combination between form, function and favorite pastimes. High Caliber BBQ's brings to you one of those rare instances where the norms are tossed on their ear and convention is kicked aside, by combining two very different yet oddly related pastimes. We've successfully joined two of the arguably most Man-tastic pastimes into the coolest, most functional appliance you may ever have the opportunity to own. We have extensively refined, molded, ground and welded. We've hammered, twisted, tweaked and tested. We now are proud to present the: PistolGrill .38

Is it a BBQ that looks like a gun, or a piece of art that works as a BBQ? We like to think it is both. We could've built a simple gun BBQ that only looks like a gun but lacks features, but we just were not to be satisfied that easily. This fully functional Pistol Grill has the look of the classic weapon we are familiar with, combined with the features we have come to expect as serious backyard chefs. Smoke some meats, Grill your steaks, blow away your neighborhood.

Steak on the Pistol Grill

The Down and Dirty

Ok now you've gotten a taste of the pictures, and have hopefully wiped most of the drool off your keyboard. Now you've seen a real BBQ gun. Not only does it look downright manly, it has some pretty awesome functions that put it over the top. Go to our specifications page for all the dirt, but just to whet your whistle; There's a smoker box built into the handle and a flip up accessory table in the hand grip. Pull the trigger to operate the draft, Cock back the hammer to set the flue, both giving you ultimate temperature control. Hey, you're drooling again...

The Perfect Gift

Go ahead, make your day. This BBQ represents the perfect retirement gift for Police, Firefighters, Military personnel and anyone that loves outdoor recreation and the second amendment. We can work with each customer to add the little touches that make our gun shaped BBQ the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about. We can do unique badges, left / right orientation and favorite colors. We can add stainless steel, brass and aluminum bits and accessories. Our Gun shaped BBQ can be crafted to the individual tastes of the each owner. Just give us a call or send an email to with questions and order requests.

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Minimum 14 Gauge Carbon Steel.

High Temp Powder Coating.

Pistol Grill Schematic


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Rotating Pistol Grill

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